21.03.2014 | Super-Charged!

ADJ’s Advanced UV COB Cannon and Lightning COB Cannon Offer Mega-High Light Output with Low Power Intake

ADJ has extended its range of black lights and strobe effects by combing unique designs with brand new COB technology to create innovative new fixtures with seriously huge light output.

Offering increased light output compared to traditional surface mount (SMD) LEDs, COB LEDs are more advanced because multiple LED diodes are mounted directly onto the circuit board, acting as one integrated lighting module. Not only does this unification create a more-powerful LED engine but it also uses up less space, and the short interconnection lengths allow a huge super-charged output resulting in a more vibrant light quality and the capability to create brilliant, crisp, mesmerizing colors. ADJ has worked the benefits of this new technology into its innovative new COB lighting effects: the UV COB Cannon and the Lightning COB Cannon.

“Forever breaking new ground, our latest products feature the new, forward-thinking COB LED technology,” explains Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for ADJ USA. “This new technology, which sees LEDs mounted directly onto the circuit board as one LED module, has resulted in a super-high-power light output while keeping heat emission and power usage to a minimum. This is great for our versatile new UV and Lightning COB Cannons because it means users get a wide-reaching, powerful lighting effect while getting more light output for their money.”

With UV parties becoming popular again within the EDM scene, there has never been a better time for the emergence of an even more powerful UV Cannon. Thanks to its 33-degree beam angle, LED pulse and strobe effects, and hugely-powerful output, ADJ’s UV COB Cannon will submerge a club or venue under a wave of potent UV light, casting white clothes under the spell of a purple retro UV glow and illuminating UV paint in an array of radiant colors – making the COB Cannon perfect for nightclubs and EDM events.

Clubbing isn’t the UV COB Cannon’s only application though; mobile DJs can use these high-output eye-catching effects to entertain people of all ages – from children’s parties to wedding festivities – offering ‘glow parties’ as an added extra on top of standard DJ services. Furthermore, with its ability to produce a far-reaching UV wash – thanks to the powerful COB LED engine – the UV COB Cannon is ideal for use in theatre productions and stage performances, while it remains flicker-free for film and television use and low maintenance due to its low heat output and power draw. The fixture is also ideal for entertainment complexes and for use in bowling alleys which offer ‘glow bowling’; customers will love seeing their bowling balls and pins illuminated in futuristic green and purple colors as they ‘glow bowl’ down UV-lit lanes.

Another new ground-breaking COB technology-enhanced product is ADJ’s Lightning COB Cannon whose powerful white wash light is super-bright, thanks to cool-white LEDs combining to create a more powerful singular LED module.

COB technology means the reliable Lightning COB Cannon maintains a high output, making the fixture perfect for use as an intense strobe in clubs and venues where a wide-reaching effect is needed. It isn’t just clubs that can benefit though; mobile DJs will also find the fixture useful as a strobe, but will find the Lightning COB Cannon can also be utilized for up-lighting to enhance venue features. The practicalities of the product lend themselves to this use; its variable angle bracket and rubber feet mean that it can be floor-standing or hung and the combination of low heat output/low power usage/high light output means you get bright white up-lighting for as long as you need, without the worry of overheating or using too much power.

Broadening the flexibility of these COB products, both the UV COB Cannon and the Lightning COB Cannon feature five Dim Curves (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural and Theatre) and 0-100% electronic dimming, allowing the fixtures to be manipulated for use in a number of situations. Both fixtures have three operation modes – Sound Active, Manual, and DMX – as well as 1, 2, and 3 channel DMX modes.

ADJ’s innovative UV COB Cannon and Lightning COB Cannon are the ideal choices for users who need a black light or strobe with a far-reaching high-power light output. Enabled by the pioneering COB LED technology, ADJ has created two powerful, bright, crisp lights, which meet these criteria while remaining versatile enough to be used in a range of situations.


Check out the product demo video of the ADJ UV COB Cannon here

Check out the product demo video of the ADJ Lightning COB Cannon here


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