07.04.2014 | Instant Lighting – Just Add Power!

ADJ’s LED-Enhanced Retro Flashback 4 Is the Perfect Party-in-a-Box for Any Situation

Old school meets new school for ADJ’s latest easy to use party lighting system. The cool new Flashback 4 appeals to audiences both young and old, as well as various types of user, thanks to a modern LED-makeover of a classic effect, as well as an almost instant setup time and an affordable price tag.
This retro fixture screams old school with its Boarder Can effect and panel lighting look – except ADJ has added a unique LED twist. Supplied as a matching pair, each of these versatile 4-bank LED fixtures has one green, one blue, one amber, and one red cluster of 36x 10mm LEDs, resulting in vibrant colors and powerful light output.

While the Flashback 4 is a simple and effective fixture, there seems to be no end to its variety of uses. In true retro fashion, the fixtures fold up into a transportable rugged hard-case, making it ideal for mobile DJs and allowing for a simple fast break down and a quick set up; meaning users can get the party started in literally thirty seconds – just plug in and play. Various top-hat mountings also allow the fixtures to operate in freestanding, portrait or landscape positions, giving users an extensiveness range of positioning options.

As well as being ideal for mobile DJs, children’s entertainers too will find the Flashback 4 meets their every need, thanks to its range of mesmerizing LED-enhanced colors and super-fast setup time. Its cool retro style makes it perfect for parties with young clientele and the pulse, strobe and chase features – including eleven chase settings – ensure pure lighting excitement on the dance-floor or the stage. Furthermore, it’s linear ‘stoplight-style’ layout, and use of bright red, amber, blue and green colors, make the Flashback 4 the ultimate lighting solution for ‘stoplight’ college nights and house parties.

“We’ve taken the basic outline of a traditional 4-bank panel fixture and dragged it into the twenty-first century by adding clusters of 36x 10mm LEDs,” says Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for ADJ USA. “ADJ is always looking for its products to be versatile and the Flashback 4 is suitable for a variety of purposes. Being quick to set up due to its light weight and rugged hard-case housing, the fixture is perfect for mobile DJs. But equally, its flash, strobe and multiple chase settings make it ideal for generating excitement amongst both children and young adults.”

While the Flashback 4 may look retro, a number of technical benefits have been worked into the design: 11 built-in programs and two operational modes make it flexible depending on users’ needs; a recessed control panel allows for ease of operation; and XLR sockets allow the two fixtures to be connected, working in sync to produce atmosphere-capturing lighting effects.

Lightweight, quick to setup and able to be mounted in various positions, the Flashback 4 offers mobile DJs and children’s entertainers a number of ways to manipulate this versatile retro fixture; giving them a party-in-a-box for an extensive range of applications. It’s an old-school design with the benefits of reliable, cutting-edge technology – meaning the Flashback 4 not only looks great, but it’s crisp LED-lighting and thirty-second setup time make for an instant fixture with incredible lighting capabilities.

The Flashback 4 is available now from ADJ USA Dealers, and is available mid May from ADJ Europe Dealers.

Check out the Flashback 4 in action here: Click here

ADJ’s Jose Heredia talks us through the unique features of the Flashback 4: Click here


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